Urban Foraging 101

Locations: Portland, Corvallis, Eugene

Foraging close to home

You will learn tricks for confident identification of common species in our area, as well as what to plants and harvest locations to avoid. We will focus on ethical and sustainable harvesting practices and the use of invasive species. We will also cover the processing and cooking necessary to enjoy our newfound wild ingredients. Our forage will happen rain or shine, so dress for the season! Class contents will shift depending on what's available seasonally, but here are some examples: Spring - wild greens, edible blossoms, stinging nettles; Summer - unusual urban fruits, mushrooms, wild herbs; Fall - late summer fruits, mushrooms, seeds.


Learn to forage in your yard

Did you know there's a wild grocery store just outside your doorstep? And an entirely new palette of herbs and spices? This class will teach you how to identify common weedy plants that are packed with flavor, vitamins, and nutrients. You'll never look at dandelions and day lilies the same way.


Add variety to your home-cooked meals

Learn how to harvest safely from clean environments, how to ethically forage, and how to properly process and cook wild foods. Cooking demos and tastings available seasonally.

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