Coastal Intertidal

Potential locations: Bandon to Cannon Beach, OR

Dive deeper into the coastal ecosystem!

Tide pool creatures, edible seaweeds, salty sea vegetables, and maybe even sea salt-making. Learn about the abundance out coastline has to offer, sustainable harvesting practices, and the coast as an interconnected ecosystem. This class should be scheduled to take advantage of seasonally low tides for optimal tide pool viewing and seaweed tasting. Local tide tables can be found online.

Coastal edibles to coastal ecosystems

You'll leave this class with a new sense of wonder for the fauna and flora of the Oregon Coast. We will taste test seaweed, intertidal salty vegetables, and edible plants that grow at the dune's edge. Let's talk everything from seabirds and crustaceans to conservation!

There's a 100% chance you may get wet in this class!

The Oregon Coast can be quite stormy, so suit up! Regardless of the weather forecast, rain gear is advised. You'll want to wear sturdy hiking boots, waterproof boots, or sneakers you don't mind getting wet.

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