About Lorelle Morel

I’ve been running to the forest from a very young age. I wasn’t running away from anything, but instead craving the awe and wonder the forest provided. I found it natural and organic to move forward in life with a focus on ecology and biology having built a deep connection with my natural surroundings from such a young age.

My education is a combination of life experience and academic study. I earned two B.S. degrees in Forestry and Wildlife Biology from the University of Vermont and a M.S. in Forest Ecology from Oregon State University. I've been foraging since 2008 in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Vermont, and for the past 6 years in the Pacific Northwest. While at OSU, I made science communication a priority by attending science communication and leadership workshops, seminars, and conferences. My goal is to foster science literacy and inspire connection with our natural world through hands-on, outdoor learning. I've been actively working towards this for over 10 years by guiding birding excursions, leading volunteer-based urban greening projects, developing K-12 urban school environmental education programs, presenting my research, and of course through foraging classes.
Join me on Instagram (@lorellemorel) or for an in person foraging experience mixing elements of science and conservation, with experimentation and fun!

Come Forage With Me!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you. Please feel welcome to e-mail me with questions about classes, natural history, or even for cool bird facts.

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